Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Review of SELaplana dot Com : Thoughts on Technology, Entertainment and Society.

I got chalange at this comment to write review of his blog on www.selaplana.com. Idon't know what the meaning of word "selaplana" or "aplana". I guess it's acronym from blog's owner name. His name is Sustines E. Laplana and closed in SELaplana. It's brilliant idea.

SELaplana said that his blogs thoughts on Technology, Entertainment and Society. But i found more, his blogs is about internet marketing, about Learn To Make Money Online. He has two target for his blogs, to own a site that receives 1,000,000 Unique Hits a day and to earn $100/day or more with YesAsia and Amazon. I thing he already got his target because his blogs is PR 4 and have 89656 alexa rank. He also has a program called “Join Review Me Challenge and Win“.

About Design.
SELaplana's blogs have a good design, powered by wordpress and own customized theme with two column side bar in righ and one column of content. The side bar contain all the things that we need to know, his project, programs, product, categories, archive and other. He also put several ads on sidebar. The content column contain 10 post per page. First thee post combine with google adsense, it's a good technique. I'll apply this technique in my blog if i've GA account.

About Content
The content on SELaplana's blogs is vary but major in internet marketing. Sometime he post from reprint articles, review of product and other information. when i visit his blog, the tree recent post title are "Make Money With The MovAvi VideoSuite", "2 Main Reasons Why Network of Niche Blogs is Better Than a General Blog" and "GMTristan, Philippine’s Online Game Blog, Reviewed". He's a professional writer i thing, because he know what he write. The article is easy to understand and explicated.

SELaplana dot Com is a good blog, innovative and informative. It tell about online marketing, we can learn to make money online from this blog.

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